11.06.2020 12:19
Dear Customers,
Please read below important information about international shipping at present moment.

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, many postal services have significantly slowed down delivery. Including, because of the flights restrictions, the Russian Post for the last 2 months and at the moment still cannot deliver parcels as fast as it was before.

Fast delivery and good service are our key priorities, so we decided to send all orders using the Netherlands Post. Thus, you...
11.12.2018 16:14
We decided to dedicate this article to those who are just discovering the world of cross stitching and embroidery, or want to remember the long forgotten old. 
So, you decided to try yourself in cross stitching, where to start? Perhaps with the realization that this is just a test. After all, you may not like the fact that cross stitching requires perseverance, attentiveness, accuracy, and these stupid threads and strive to get lost on the back side!
For the first experience, we...