How it works?

  • Offer the best price
  • Ship fast
  • Be creative

These are the three main principles that we adhere to, want to find out how we archive this and
How it works?

You decided to buy goods on MyBobbin and place your order. Our order processing system allows you get excellent price of all goods and low delivery costs.

Thank you for your order on Mybobbin
Order processing on Mybobbin

Notification of a new order immediately goes to the office in the country of origin of the goods from your order. All data os updated and exchanged automatically, so you can always be sure that you will receive the ordered goods.

Our employee rakes the goods of your order from manufacturers and suppliers (in the country of origin), completes the packaging and sends it. Due to the full automation of the process, we do not need to store goods and eliminate the costs associated with it.

Supplier post on Mybobbin
Order received from Mybobbin

On 10-20 days (depending on the country of delivery) you receive your order and enjoy your hobby. We ship all parcels by air mail, most of them are delivered even faster then specified.