Returns and refunds

Dear Crafters,

Mybobbin knows how creative and inspired you are. We also know that the passion for creating a masterpiece can leave you while your materials are on the way. This is not a problem, and you can always return the ordered items if you do not already need them. To do this, we came up with our simple Return & Refund Policy.

You can return any new, unused, non-damaged item in resaleable condition, complete factory packed within 30 days after receipt.

Please, when sending a parcel, make sure that the items are securely packed and will not be damaged in transit, in case of damage on the way to us, we have the right to discount the cost of returned item, as for damaged one. Please don't forget to send us back original delivery note with couple of words why do you decide to return the item.

Please provide the tracking number of the returned parcel to our Team Support via e-mail, this will help us process the refund faster.

After receiving the parcel, Mybobbin will refund the cost of the item within 5 business days. The cost of the original delivery of item, as well as return shipping - is not refundable.

We reserve the right to discount the cost of item up to 70% of the base value if the item came in non-resaleable condition, not original package, etc. When deciding on the discount, we undertake to assess the defects of the item objectively, and in disputable cases, to make a decision in your favor.

If a product went to you by mistake, or faulty, or has some defects, we will certainly refund its cost to you, and cover delivery costs. If the cost of faulty item is more than USD50, then the full value of the item will be refunded, as well as the cost of return delivery. In case the value of the defective item is less than USD50, then it does not need to be sent back. In this case, the cost of defective item, and the cost of original postage of this item to you will be refunded as a coupon for any further purchases in MyBobbin within 1 day after agreement with you. Coupon validity is not limited, it can be used for both full and partial payment of the order.

Also, you can cancel the order at any time prior to receipt. Please inform our Team Support via e-mail about order cancelation.

In case of cancellation of an order that has not yet been shipped, the full cost of the order and shipping fees will be refunded within 1 business day.

In case of cancellation of the sent order, the cost of items and shipping fees will be refunded within 5 days after receiving the unopened, unclaimed parcel.

Please note that if you have purchased digital goods from us such as PDF patterns, we will not be able to refund payment for them.

Our Team Support is always happy to answer your questions about Return & Refund Policy, feel free to contact us!