11.12.2018 16:14

3 Advices to Cross Stitch Beginners

We decided to dedicate this article to those who are just discovering the world of cross stitching and embroidery, or want to remember the long forgotten old. 

So, you decided to try yourself in cross stitching, where to start? Perhaps with the realization that this is just a test. After all, you may not like the fact that cross stitching requires perseverance, attentiveness, accuracy, and these stupid threads and strive to get lost on the back side!

For the first experience, we strongly recommend buying a cross stitch kit. Do not try to kit up materials yourself, cross stitching, as any hobby requires experience. Before buying a kit, determine for yourself a number of criteria that will help you not to get lost in the variety of variants.

1. The number of floss shades  ten, maximum fifteen. This is more than enough to get a great result. Please note that among these colors there should not be mixed colors, the so-called "blends". They significantly complicate the work.

2. The count of the fabric we recommend choosing the cross stitch kits completed with Aida fabric, 14 or even 11 counts. This rather large count will help you not to lose count and will not tire your unused eyes. By the way, you should not take a black fabric, even an 11 or 14 count. Black fabric is considered the basis of "increased complexity"!

3. Finished size the size of the finished work is almost always indicated on the kit packaging. For the first time, we recommend buying a small cross stitch kit, for example, 10x10cm, or 15x15cm. You can quickly stitch a little work and spoil yourself with the result. Remember, the larger is work, the longer to wait for the finished result and the greater the likelihood of "fade away." And do not think that a little cross stitch it's simple and ugly. Skilled designers develop the whole series of miniatures into which designs successfully fit.

Also, it would be nice to decide on the design of the future picture, but here everything depends on your wishes and plans. Whether it will be beautiful butterflies or gentle peonies it's up to you.

We wish you a good journey to the world of embroidery,
Your Bobbin.