Astra Premium Sponge, 100% polypropylene, 10 Skein Value Pack, 500g

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Astra Premium Sponge, 100% polypropylene, produced by Astra Premium (Russia)

Price per pack (500g)

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Length200 m.
Ball Weight50 g.
Yarn Weight3 Light
Qty in pack10 skeins


Astra Premium Sponge is designed for hand knitting. Light, strong, wide and flat thread allows you to knit washcloths, which will provide a gentle massage of the skin with an exfoliating effect. Does not deteriorate from water, washes well and dries quickly. Also suitable for knitting rugs, bags, napkins and other interior items.

Blend 100% polypropylene

Skein weight 50gr

Lenght 200m

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