28 Count Cashel Linen by Zweigart 3281/52, Flax

Brand: Zweigart Art.: ZW3281/52 0 reviews

28 Count Cashel Linen produced by Zweigart (Germany), color 3281/52 Flax, 100% Linen

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CountCashel 28
Material100% Linen
Dimension48х68 cm


28 Count Cashel Linen is recommended for experienced stitchers because it's very fine - just 112 stitches per 10cm (28 stitches per inch). Due to this finest a high presicion is achieved, often compared to a drawn picture. You can stitch petite stitches and 3/4 stitched on this linen evenweave to achieve smoother contours. Also, due to this weaving, the non-stitched part of the work looks like a fabric without visible holes. You can embroider into 1 thread through 1 weave, or into 2 threads, through 2 weaves on Cashel. In the latter case, the dimension will correspond to 14 count.

100% Linen.

Size 48х68cm / 19"x27"

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