Alize Diva Ombre Batik 100% microfibre, 2 Skein Value Pack, 500g

Brand: ALIZE Art.: ADOB 0 reviews
COLOR: 7244 Violet
7244 Violet 7358 Mustard 7374 Olive 7375 Beige 7377 Dust Rose 7380 Gray 7381 Pink 7413 Orange
7367 Lingonberry 7369 Misty Turquoise 7370 Green Turquoise 7371 Turquoise 7378 Lilac 7379 Denim

Alize Diva Ombre Batik produced by Alize (Turkey), 100% microfibre

Price per pack (500g)

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Length875 m.
Ball Weight250 g.
Yarn Weight2 Fine
Qty in pack2 skeins


Alize Diva Ombre Batik is designed for hand knitting and crochet. Thread is very plastic and silky to touch with a very smooth transition of color, the fabric of this yarn resembles silk. Does not creak, does not roll and does not fade. Ideal for knitting spring-summer season things: tops, dresses, tunics, light jackets, capes, etc.

Needles 2,5-3,5, Hooks 1-3

Blend 100% microfibre

Skein Weight 250g

Lenght 875m

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