$65 Gift Certificate

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The gift certificate will be sent as a completed email. Individual design with congratulations and sender's signature is possible. Purchase details are mentioned in the product description. 

Подождите идёт расчёт доставки...


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A gift certificate is a great way to save yourself the hassle of choosing a gift. At the same time, it is an elegant version of a "cash" gift that is guaranteed to be pleasant and useful.

In order to issue a Gift Certificate, you need to make a standard purchase - just add the Certificate to your cart and click the "Checkout" button.

At the Order confirmation page, in the Comment field, enter the recipient's name and email address. Also, in this field you can enter the words of congratulations, special treatment, the date of sending the certificate and other nuances.

The certificate will be sent to the recipient within 24 hours after the payment is made, unless otherwise specified when ordering the certificate. 

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